Essie – Blanc

I hate these photos for various reasons, horrifying cuticles are one and the polish itself is another. I was so excited to buy this, I couldn’t wait to have a good opaque white but somewhere between the last coat and the topcoat the tips yellowed and let’s not even get in to the fact that they look worn and chipped less than a day after painting. I do like this, it does what I wanted and I’m hoping it was just bad luck on the day so you can expect a follow up swatch in a few weeks when I have a new top coat and my cuticles are looking 50% less gross. I just wanted to share my first impressions because it’s not often I am unhappy with an Essie formula.. I thought this review would balance the many other raves.

Essie is now available at Boots & Superdrug stores nationwide for £7.99

Miss BB


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