Essie – Demure Vix


I’m almost a little sad that this is my final (until I buy more) Essie Swatch post but I’m pleased I can now just apply whatever I want rather than having to pick from the list of remaining shades to photograph. The whole series has been a bit hit and miss quality wise but I hope I’m ending on a high with not terribly shoddy cuticles and nice, shiny nails. This is one of my favourites so a good ender I guess, it’s looks different in different lights. In daylight it is a nude/greige colour but in flourescent lights such as those I took the photo in it’s a dusky mauve shade. The reason for this is the blue iridescent shimmer suspended in the otherwise solid colour but it’s so subtle you just get this kind of flip effect on the nails. It would be a great shade for anyone that’s not big on colour but wants something a little different to their regular nude/french manicure.

As this marks my final swatch next week I will be filming an Essie collection so look out for that!

Miss BB


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