Essie / Resort 2017

Essie Resort 2017

After a couple of wordy rants (I think I had to get them out of my system to clear some kind of bloggers block) I’m back with some frivolous beauty stuff. If you’re a long time reader you will know that I’ve fallen in and out of love with Essie over the years but their recent launches have just been so, so good. I’ve always loved the colours and the application but I would never recommend them to someone looking for a chip-resistant finish, until now. Each of the above I have worn for almost a week without any signs of wear, I’m not sure what you’re doing, Essie but I’M A FAN!


Because of my previously mentioned blogging break I’ve had these for a while now so my favourites have changed a little as I’ve worn them. Strike A Pose-itano was the definite winner, it got the most compliments, the most ‘what are you wearing on your nails?’ in vlogs and I just loved the soft blue colour but since I’ve been growing out my nails (only my little finger and thumb got the memo so far) I’ve been favouring neutrals..


Sorrento Yourself is by far my most worn of the 4, not entirely seasonally appropriate perhaps, it’s definitely giving my some autumnal vibes but I love the warm terracotta (oh, I just got it) as an alternative to nude. It’s completely unique in my collection and something I don’t think I’d have picked up but I just love it.


Now this is so my kind of colour!! Once upon a time I worked for Urban Decay (many, MANY moons ago) and the rule was that you could only wear purple or silver nail polish. Isn’t that insane? Purple happens to be my favourite colour but when someone tells you you have to wear it, it gets old fast. I amassed a huge drawer of purple polish only to throw almost all of it out once I got another job but in the past couple of years I’ve rediscovered more delicate pastels and mauves like this one and I’m back on the purple train. Ciao Effect  is a really flattering shade but I have others like it so I haven’t reached for it all that often.


Resort Romanza is the colour I’d have picked 5 years ago but bright corals/reds aren’t my go-to these days. I didn’t love this on my fingers so haven’t worn it since swatching but I do like it on my toes! I would never choose a blue/purple etc for my toes because I think they make my feet look dead (anyone else) but warmer pinks and corals totally come in to their own in my flip flops!

When I swatch polish for review I don’t often dig out the whole collection again over the next weeks/months but I’ve gone back to most of these shades multiple times for re-painting. Essie has always had a place in my heart but they are competing for the top spot at the moment.



  1. 26 June, 2017 / 4:01 pm

    Resort Romanza is definitely my favourite but Strike A Pose-itano is also up there. So glad you’re back to blogging!

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