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After the great response I got to my “you’re lips bit better” post the other day I got to thinking.. I wonder if I have anything in my collection I could dupe with my favourite Viva Glam V. Turns out I do..
Ok so it’s not a PERFECT dupe but read on.. you’ll see my point. The formula’s of these two lipsticks are near identical to start, the finish is the same glossy shimmer “lustre” and they don’t feel drying like some lip products can.
The “dupe” I’m referring to is Rimmels Moisture Renew Lipstick in Beach Babe (050)
I’ve struggled to find this online and am assuming it’s now discontinued so apologies for taunting those who don’t have it but I think it’s still worth mentioning that the Moisture Renew range still holds a lot of available shades, some of which may be a closer colour match than this.. I might even have to check them out for myself for a follow up post. You can buy them online at Boots for just £6.29 (less than half the price of the MAC Viva Glam V) You can see form the below swatches the a marked difference in warmth between the two shades. The Rimmel on the left is more of a bronze/nude where as the MAC on the right is more pinky toned.
Yet because of the sheer formula the similarities are better seen on the lips. Both have an almost golden sheen to them but you can see less of a shade difference when worn, and isn’t that the most important comparison? Just goes to show that you can’t judge from the tube or a swatch what a lipstick will look like on! In the picture below my top lip is wearing Beach Babe and my Bottom, Viva Glam V.
If you had the choice, would you still make the more expensive pick? I do think the MAC is longer lasting but you’re going to be reapplying either way so is it really worth twice the money?

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