Eyes from Eyeko


A while ago, back when I still subscribed to beauty boxes I acquired 2 Eyeko eyeliners in the same month. Both were black but they were 2 totally different liners and only recently did I actually try them out.
The first is skinny and long, a traditional khol liner with an unusual handle which allows you to continue to using it comfortably when you’re down to a nub.. novel. It’s very black, good for smudging but not quite soft enough to get on my waterline which unfortunately is pretty much the only place I would put it 90% of the time so it’s not a must have for me.
The second is thicker and fatter and rather than khol it’s a gloss.. that’s right, gloss.. for your eyes! I understand the idea behind it, the grungy smudgy eyes are very on trend but in a world where most of us prime our lids to combat grease and creasing this is a bit mad, is it not?
Looking at both products objectively they are both pretty unique and I can see why they would appeal but they don’t to me so they have been given away to someone that might appreciate them more.
Did any of you try these and love them?
Miss BB
I can’t find these anywhere online which leads me to believe they were in fact not a huge success

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