Fabulous New Benefits…

Knowing how I feel about Benefit Cosmetics..
How excited was I to discover these two new MUST HAVE products launched in the same month???
I’ll admit I haven’t thought much of some of the stuff they’ve brought out recently but I LOVE these…
I’ll post the little promo blurbs beneath each picture and the link to where you can buy them
(DEBENHAMS OF COURSE — gotta get those points girls)
I am more excited about the pore minimising primer but a little highlight never hurt anyone right ;)

Quickly minimize the appearance of pores! Apply this silky, lightweight balm for translucent pore coverage and smoother-than-smooth skin. Pores now you see ’em, now you don’t! Complements all skin tones.
Luxurious liquid pearl the perfect accessory! This soft golden-pink liquid pearl glides on for a breathtakingly luminous complexion. Customize your pearlessence with the easy-to-use twist -up package a few clicks for a subtle sheen, more clicks for a “whoa!” glow. Pat the luminous liquid on over makeup or wear alone for dewy lit-from-within radiance. It’s pure pearly pleasure!

miss bb


  1. 27 September, 2010 / 10:06 pm

    Oooh – the pore minimiser looks good! Love the packaging as well! xx

  2. 28 September, 2010 / 3:52 am

    great blog hon. i found you through YouTube. xo

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