Face Mask Friday – Bee Venom Miracle Mask

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m back with another face mask friday and wouldn’t you just know it.. it’s another sheet mask. This time however it’s a bit different, this one was sent to me so I had no idea what to expect, so unusual and bizarrely slimy when I got it out of the sachet. If you’d ever tried those gel eye masks (the stick on single use ones, not the ones like glasses that you put in the fridge) then it’s a similar texture to that, there was a second layer to the mask (holding it together I would imagine as the actual mask is pretty flimsy) which I removed before application and then what was left was a thin, slimy, gel-like mask. Actually very refreshing to wear and one of the best sheet masks for staying on my face.. they usually slide down or fall off if I do anything but lay on my back for the duration but this clung on for dear life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wore it for about 20 minutes by which time the edges were getting dry. The centre of the mask was still moist but little as I know about skincare I do know if a mask dries out on your face then your skin dries out along with it.. so I whipped it off to see the results. My skin felt softer, possibly plumper but that’s tough to measure and dare I say hydrated? I’ve tried many masks in the past that claim to plump and brighten with venom from various different creatures and they have all had a tingle to them that told me ‘I’m doing something to your skin’, I missed that with this one. I think if you have dry skin and visible lines this might be a good one but for me it was a nice refreshing treat but I don’t think it left any lasting impression on my skin.. if you want something that really feels like it’s working I would highly recommend this peel of mask from Superdrug – my favourite of the moment and one I will HAVE to get around to featuring in a FMF soon!

You can buy this Bee venom mask online here

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