Face Mask Friday – Black Seaweed Peel Off Masque

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s rare that I find an affordable mask that I actually feel DOES something for my skin but recently I found TWO! They’re both peel off – I’m having a moment – and I’ll tell you all about the other next week but this is something you can pick up with your weekly shop so I couldn’t wait any longer. I actually didn’t buy it initially, my husband comes home with a random selection of things from Asda occasionally and it usually includes a sachet mask from Montagne Jeunesse, this is how I’ve found a lot of my favourites but I wouldn’t have looked twice at this one. I consider peel off masks to be messy and haven’t found them to peel off all that well on the whole so a black version wasn’t really going to do it for me. It IS messy, very liquidy so it’s important to spread it out and not lay it on too thick or it wont set but applied correctly it dries in about 5 minutes and is quick and easy to remove. You do need to cleanse your face afterwards or you WILL look like you’ve been down the pit but that’s a good rule of thumb after most masks like this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll that aside the effect is awesome, my skin feel super soft and smooth after using it. Whenever I use a regular (non peel) mask and feel that smoothness I assume it’s at least in part due to the removal and scrubbing at my skin to get it off but in this case it can ONLY be attributed to the mask so I’m super impressed by this one. So much so I’ve got a stack of them in stock now, I’ve been using it once a week for about a month now and have experienced nothing but positive benefits, if you spot this in store I’d highly recommend you give it a go!

You can buy online here for just £1.. bargain if you ask me!

Miss BB



  1. Josie
    30 January, 2015 / 7:55 am

    Ooh I LOVE peel off masks, so satisfying!!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. 30 January, 2015 / 11:47 am

    Sounds like a great product. The masks by this brand is really good and the price is so reasonable for the results you get. I do like the sound of a peel off mask~ it does feel like its pulling away all the dull dead skin cells and renews your skin 🙂

    Will give this a try when i’m out next time. Hope you have a lovely day! ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  3. firegirl
    31 January, 2015 / 10:44 am

    After the demise of a most amazing Clinique peel-off mask I have been using Garnier’s Pure Sauna Mask relatively regularly and it works well for me, unfortunately it is not peel-off. I will try this one as I thorougly enjoy peeling the stuff off (one reason why peel-off nail base coats don’t work for me for more than a day!).

  4. Jennie
    31 January, 2015 / 2:12 pm

    Holland and Barretts snail gel mask made my skin softer than anything I’ve ever used, at £1.99 it’s well worth a try! Xxx

  5. Alix
    1 February, 2015 / 10:36 am

    I literally bought this for my boyfriend last week… Pretty much stealing it back for my Sunday night facepack! Thanks for the heads up hehe!

  6. 1 February, 2015 / 3:03 pm

    I’m really interested to try these. If you purchase them from Boots, they’re on offer at the moment too … 4 for £3!

  7. Anna
    1 February, 2015 / 8:33 pm

    Looks good I might give it a whirl. Have been faithfully using and loving palmers cocoa butter purifying mask for about a year now. Give that a try, fairly cheap for a big tube and great results.

  8. 15 May, 2015 / 7:56 am

    I like diy facial mask and now using facial mask with oatmeal, egg and apple. The recipe is very easy and effective. Ingredients: Apple, Egg Yolk, Oatmeal. Blend these 3 ingredients well. Spread the mixture all over your face. Let the mixture stay for about 20-30 minutes. Rinse it off with pure water. That’s all. You can try this recipe.

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