*Face Mask Friday* – LUSH Brazened Honey

 There I was, going about my day and I very almost forgot about Face Mask Friday! That truly would have been a crime! So now, while the rest of the country watches the Olympic Opening Ceremony (AKA ‘Look How Good England Is’) I shall settle in to tell you all about the LUSH Mask I’ve been using this week. Last Weeks Catastrophe Cosmetic was a bit of a let down so I wasn’t sure what to expect from Brazen Honey but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Unlike it’s predecessor it’s much stickier and the exfoliating granules make for a very brightening effect on the skin

It goes on this attractive shade of yellow and as it dries it develops a neon hue, for those of you wondering. You can leave it on for maybe an hour (as I usually do) before it becomes unbearably itchy and starts to flake. It’s nicer to apply, nicer to remove and just generally feels like it’s done something at the end of it so I’m glad I didn’t let my first forray in to LUSH skin care put me off altogether. One little tidbit I just had to share, I mixed my Brazen Honey and Catastrophe Cosmetic TOGETHER and they created this kind of super mask. It set really hard to my face, adhered well and I could quite possibly have slept in it without it budging. A+ in my book! I have about enough left in each pot to mix another of these concoctions and I would strongly suggest you give it a go with any of the masks you have lying around.. who knows, you could invent something amazing!

Next weeks feature is TBD but I have a few lined up.. just have to pick which to show you next!

As always any suggestions or requests, let me know!

Miss BB



  1. Emma
    31 July, 2012 / 9:09 am

    I am in love with Lush face masks. My favourites are love lettuce (an exfoliating one) and Oatifix which smells like weetabix, love it so much. Both leave my skin super soft, but the love lettuce makes my skin feel cleaner as you would expect from an exfoliate. I have tried Catastrophe Cosmetic and it was okay, it was better than cupcake and Cosmetic Warrior (for me the smell of these two alone but me off about I couldn’t relax and have it on for very long.
    I do not really smother my face with either mask so I store them in the freezer and they last me quite a few weeks. The bonus of storing them in the freezer means I can keep the product longer and it doesn’t effect the product at all.

    Are you going to try their new makeup range?

    • missbudgetbeauty
      6 August, 2012 / 9:27 am

      I have a few to try for my friday feature now but when i run out again I’ll be back to lush and the lettuce one is next on my list

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