*Face Mask Friday* – Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal

Every time I see my face masks coming to an end and think about going and buying a months worth to keep this going some lovely PR contacts me with something new.. this is one such new item and possibly the most exciting skin care product I’ve had to try since Liquid Gold. Ren is a brand I’ve never tried before but have heard much buzz about so when I was given the opportunity to try their glycolic mask I jumped at it. I recently added glycolic acid to my skincare regimine and have been very happy with the results (I’ll do a follow up post on the Alpha-H soon, I promise) so a weekly treatment to top it up seemed like the perfect fit. I’ve mentioned previously that I’m a heavy mask user and apply them at least 2 or 3 times a week but when it comes to this I will stick to the once weekly rules for 2 reasons. 1. I’m already using glycol every other night and it’s a relatively harsh ingredient, you don’t want to overdo it, 2. it’s not cheap! This bottle will set you back £30 and although it was sent to me and therefor free I realise the value and don’t want to waste what could be a bit special if used correctly.

Ren describes this mask as “A potent bio active peel mask designed to renew the complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and dramatically improve skin tone.” As far as I know that’s generally what skincare containing glycol claims to do so I accept that it can deliver all of those things as I’ve seen a marked improvement since using other glycol products. My skin isn’t the least bit sensitive and I rarely feel the slightest tingle but if you do suffer sensitivity then this is one to steer clear of. The bottle directs to leave it on the skin for 10 minutes and wipe clean with the cloth provided (muslin square) …as always I strayed ever so slightly from this and 3 hours later rinsed the jelly off my face. I can confirm I felt no tenderness, saw no redness, I had no adverse effects whatsoever but my skin did feel remarkably smooth upon removal. The other special effects of these glycol based treatments will be seen over time which makes it hard to comment on much other than the immediate and I feel a bit like I’m at a disadvantage in that respect because I don’t think you get a second chance at overnight improvement. The first time I used liquid gold I was amazed how smooth, clear and glowing my skin looked, this felt very similar and I think had I not already been using something with glycol I would have seen more dramatic results.. especially after leaving it on for so long. I don’t mean to go all rambly on you but it’s hard to recommend something pricey when I saw very few real improvements after using it. I’d buy this when it runs out because I think glycol does something amazing for my skin and for those contemplating liquid gold but not totally sold on the concept I’d whole heartedly recommend this as an alternative. Liquid gold doesn’t feel expensive, luxurious or even like it’s doing anything special for your skin yet it’s very pricey. This really feels a bit special and given how often you use it etc I think it will work out a similar cost for the time you have it. If I had to repurchase only one I’d probably get this because I truly miss the serums and lotions on my Alpha-H nights.. but that’s just me. As it is I will continue to use both.

This is turning out to be a much longer post than I’d anticipated but it’s not your average mask and I want to cover all the bases and anticipate questions you may have re the glycol element. I have heard from other bloggers that they use this on an evening when they have nowhere to be the next day because it leaves their skin so red and blotchy after just 10 minutes so be aware that this can happen but also consider that this is effectively a chemical peel at home. There are many benefits and only you know how your skin will react. I’m currently combination/oily but barring sensitive skins  I believe this is formulated for all. A quick word on the consistency.. very odd and totally new to me, it smells exactly like Rowntrees jelly straight out of the packet and is gel-like in texture. You really only need one pump to cover your face if like me you’re rationing it but it does recommend a generous layer (they all do though don’t they), it stays sticky and when I washed it off it seemed to heat up.. I took this as a good sign, it felt active! I like that it has a pump, avoids waste, I also like that you can see how much you have left (above). Overall as I said earlier I would (and probably will) purchase this when I run out and I’m very pleased I got the opportunity to try it ’cause I don’t think I’d have gone out of my way to pick it up at the price it is but skincare is something I’m willing to spend money on and I’m definitely willing to spend it on this.

Available here 50ml £30

Miss BB



  1. Nashia Anthony
    24 August, 2012 / 6:45 pm


    Just wanted to know if you have ever tried the brand by boots called Botanic? They have some good stuff and its not that expensive.

    • missbudgetbeauty
      24 August, 2012 / 7:05 pm

      yes! I find it the higher end cost wise and there’s stuff I prefer for less money a lot of the time but I never rule out trying something else

      • Nashia
        24 August, 2012 / 7:19 pm

        Is there anything else that you recommend to achieve a glowing skin?

        • missbudgetbeauty
          26 August, 2012 / 7:15 pm

          exfoliating and moisturising is the key!

  2. 24 August, 2012 / 8:25 pm

    So glad you tried this mask, i’ve only used it a couple of times and really like how it makes my skin look and feel. I also use Liquid Gold and I agree with you in that I didn’t see the overnight effect with this mask which I had the first time with Liquid Gold but I do like having them both and using them together 🙂

    • missbudgetbeauty
      26 August, 2012 / 7:15 pm

      Glad it wasn’t just me! I’m getting Lee to try it tonight so we’ll see what he says.. He hasn’t tried liquid gold yet ’cause he’s a scaredy cat haha x

  3. EllieSausage
    25 August, 2012 / 1:31 pm

    This might seem like a stupid question, but bear with my ‘skincare ignorance’…this glycol stuff sounds like the bees knees…do u know of any budget- (and i mean bigtime budget) for a broke person budget products with glycol in them? or is this glycol stuff as expensive as gold?x

    • Sian
      25 August, 2012 / 2:41 pm

      Not exactly ‘bigtime budget’ but I am pretty sure No7 have a product/range with glycol in. When you spend a certain amount of money in Boots you get a £5 off No7 voucher so if you ever need anything like shampoo etc. and get it from Boots you could get this stuff for a few pounds. Heard they have a cellulite cream too which Miss BB could use:)

      • EllieSausage
        26 August, 2012 / 6:15 pm

        Hi Sian, thanks for your post, i’ll def check out the No7 range when i’m in Boots again! As for the cellulite cream…i think even the skinniest of us need cellulite cream, although I feel suggesting someone in particualar could use cellulite cream could be considered cruel at best.

        • missbudgetbeauty
          26 August, 2012 / 7:20 pm

          oh she’s called me fat, told me I should weigh 2 stone lighter without trying and just generally been rude so I’m not surprised. She reckons she has no cellulite.. good for her lol x

        • Sian
          31 August, 2012 / 4:21 pm

          Honestly I aimed it at Miss BB because she has tried plently and they have all failed, sorry you both feel that way.

    • missbudgetbeauty
      26 August, 2012 / 7:18 pm

      now way! Hard to judge ‘bigtime budget’ but I love Peaches & Clean cleanser from Soap & Glory (£7) and months after using it I realised that contained glycol. I started using it as a mask, really thick for an hour or so and my skin would tingle and feel a bit tender afterwards.. I think that desensitised me for when I eventually tried liquid gold but just goes to show it had something active in it and considering it’s ingredients I think thats a great budget alternative x

      • EllieSausage
        26 August, 2012 / 10:30 pm

        Thanks Khila, Peaches & Clean is on my wish list & great to know it has some glycol in it! Looking forward to trying it out now…love the smell of all their products!x

        As for that Sian girl…she must have a realy sad and pathetic life if saying stuff like that makes her feel better about herself. Thats the beautiful thing about karma it always come back to bite people-watch out Sian!

        • missbudgetbeauty
          27 August, 2012 / 9:12 am

          peaches and clean is my holy grail!! and yeah she’s nothing really.. just a passive aggressive commenter

  4. 26 August, 2012 / 7:34 pm

    I love the sound of this… and am so glad I read this post as just remembered I have a little sample tube which prob has enough for 2 or 3 uses so really must get around to trying it!

    Thank you

    Nic x

    • missbudgetbeauty
      27 August, 2012 / 9:07 am

      I think it’s one of those things.. you’ll either love glycol or hate it so if you have a little sample of this stuff that’s the perfect test x

  5. Annette
    26 August, 2012 / 7:43 pm

    @Sian – That was really uncalled for, untrue and unpleasant.

    • missbudgetbeauty
      27 August, 2012 / 9:08 am

      no surprise there lol

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