Face Painting

A few weeks back Ella and I had an afternoon to ourselves so naturallly we decided to paint each others faces!
As we have no actual face paints we used whatever cheap makeup I had lying around (ther was a lot)
Here were our step by step looks…
I drew on the pattern with a pale liquid liner 
I coloured in certain sections with pale shimmery eyeshadows.. 
and the other sections with brighter colours… 
I went over with brighter still colours to define … 
and where would be without glitter? 
She loved it but it was a pain to get off I can tell you…
There was a lot of glitter on that little face. 
Up next…
poor unsuspecting me 
I can’t really talk you through the method in her madness but I CAN tell you I was supposed to be a cat….
yeah definitely no cat lol 
Thanks for reading
miss bb

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  1. 29 January, 2011 / 11:28 pm

    This is so adorable! Your face painting on Ella is so beautiful! And she looks exactly like you, a little mini-you :). Her painting on you is adorable hehe a “cat”

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