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Ok so pop-in-palette isn’t EXACTLY the name of these but I used a little artistic license. Quite some time ago I posted on these when I made my own eyeshadow quad, you can read about that here. That was almost a year ago and since then I’ve filled up two blush palettes as well so when Fashionista contacted me about reviewing a few of their new shades I was excited. Those of you that know me know I’m fanatical about custom anything and have tried every diy palette going (in my price range). I love these because they can be kept as individual pans in their own little compact or popped in to a quad with corresponding colours. Recently I’ve had two individual blushes living on my vanity that I popped out to take to Vegas with me but since I put the back in their palette my addiction had reignited! I believe the deal is still on where you can purchase 4 pans and a compact for just £12 so you can see how it would be tempting to collect these cute little quads

Above are the 4 new shades and palette I was sent to promote the new Custom Designed Blush/Bronzers which I think you’ll agree are beautiful. I generally try to steer clear of shimmer but New York (top left) has such a gorgeous sheen it’s fast become my favourite blush of the moment and the Dubai bronzer (bottom left) I use as an eyeshadow as it’s just not something I’d wear as a face product but a powder is a powder, who says they can’t be multi purpose? Overall they’re a great budget buy, I prefer the blushes which are as long lasting as any high end blush I’ve tried the cheapest way to create a palette and experiment with different colours! The eyeshadows are lovely but I think the blush selection impressed me so much nothing was going to compare.

Since I already had 3 complete palettes I thought it was only fair to share them. You may notice I have Cinnamon twice – a mistake but also a testament to it’s appeal! I only wish they would bring out either larger palettes for more eyeshadows or maybe those split pan duos some brands do.. just a suggestion but.. y’know.. I think it would be popular!

Top Left – Clockwise – Glowing, Cinnamon, Flush, Butterscotch

Top Right – Clockwise – Dubai (Bronzer), Stylish (eyeshadow), New York (blush), LA (bronzer)

Bottom Left – Clockwise – Cinnamon, Blushing, Rose Thrill, Crumson (all blush)

Bottom Right – Clockwise – Berry Brown, Nude Glimmer, Double Take, Blackout (all eyeshadow)

Individual shades available here and in Superdrug stores for £4 and palettes for £5.. but like I said look out for the deal.. I’m not sure if it’s still running but it’s a bargain if it is!

Have you dabbled in the custom Fashionista palettes yet? If not how have you remained so restrained? What’s your secret?

Miss BB

*First palette shown was *PR sample, all others were bought by me.


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