FCUK Makeup!

Open up this palette and I think it looks expensive, it could be a Christmas Collection item from the beauty hall but the outer packaging just looks a bit pants in my opinion. It looks cheap and trying to make the FCUK logo look ‘classy’ for the cosmetics range does quite the opposite. The reason I’m starting on a sour note is because the product itself is very good and I want to remind you all not to judge a book by its cover as I did with this.

Within the kit you you get 10 eyeshadows, 5 lip colours and a couple of applicators. I’ve never been a huge fan on lip palettes because they’re so impractical for touch ups but this is fairly compact and I guess for travel I can get on board with it. They’re all pretty glossy too so if touch ups aren’t possible it’s not the end of the world. The shadows are nice quality too, ideally you need to layer them over a good primer to make the best of them but I do that even with my higher end products so that’s no hardship. The shade range isn’t one I would pick out, three too many blue and not enough neutrals but it’s a nice party selection and a good gift, after all you don’t want to give someone something they already have, right?

It’s a nice kit and I think it’s worth more (or appears to be worth more) than it’s £10 price tag so whether it be for yourself or as a gift it’s a good buy from Boots this Christmas

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  1. Katie-Marie
    3 December, 2012 / 7:51 pm

    I have this but my toddler tried to say the name, it’s now here favorite word……

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