Featured Follower Friday #2

This week meet Laura from LCCxox, a new beauty blogger. Let’s show her some love!   
MBB: What’s your day job?
LCC: I am going into my 3rd year at uni studying retail marketing specialising in PR. I also work in a bookmakers (betting shop) ..part time obv.
MBB: What made you start blogging?
LCC: Iv always been interested in youtubing / blogging community – just never thought about starting myself until my tutor made an off the cuff comment saying he thought I’d make a good blogger – and from there I took The plunge for it – starting with little bits for my uni then finally starting LCCXox in June this year 🙂
MBB: Who were the bloggers that influenced your blog?
LCC: I started with youtubers such as lollipop26 and pixiwoo- then finding pixi2woo, gemsmaquillage fleur de force, miss glamorazi- then I found blogs of each of theirs and found vivianna does makeup, llymlrs, vipxo, kejano, and cannot forget Jane from britishbeautyblogger- All fantastic blogs and great for inspiration and something to aspire to !

MBB: So you were turned on to the beauty community through youtube before blogs? Me too! How would u describe your blog to a potential reader?

LCC: Yeah , think they are easier to find and access – I did want to do videos – however I think I’d be a bit shy ? My blog is somewhere where you can be as obsessed with make up, cosmetics , skin care , nail polish etc ,as you want to be and share with me and other readers your like and dislikes as well as seeing how a 21 year old student juggles being very poor and still managing to afford that new product – In October the blog is getting a revamp and is going to have weekly hauls – yes I shop that much ! Monthly wants and favourites as well as some more tutorials – I love speaking to people as like minded as me and love taking requests and suggestions 🙂
MBB: What’s your one Holy Grail product?
LCC: My hg product is … Oh my I have so many – it would have to be a skincare product I’ve recently bought – my clinique- pore reducing serum -Really has transformed my skin
MBB: And a product you’d never buy again?
LCC: I’d never buy smokey lash by make up forever – I bought it after all the hype and hated it ! Total waste of money – stick to highstreet mascaras high end aren’t worth The money !
MBB: Aww i really wanted to try that too lol What do u like most about being a blogger?
LCC: I love being able to interact with people with the same interests without being labelled As shallow or whatnot- I love finding new ideas and recreating them fir other people to recreate them selves knowing they love it as much as I do !
MBB: Have you encountered an aspect of blogging you don’t like yet?

LCC: I not personally but the hate from some people is awful! And being so personal – all they are is bully’s behind a screen – not big and not clever ! Also hate people begging for free products – that’s not what it’s about – it about enjoying the products you do have and sharing them with the community.

You can visit Laura’s blog here

She’s going to be running a MAC giveaway when she hits 50 followers!!!


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