Featured Follower Friday

For some time I’ve thought of featuring the most active follower of my blog and I’m finally getting around to it. Without readers my blog would be totally pointless and as a blogger the only way you know people are reading is by the comments they leave. The more active you guys are here the more I’m inspired to keep at it and so every week I will feature my most active reader. When I decided to do this I already knew there was standout choice for the first in this series. By far my most dedicated follower…

I thought the best way to feature her was a mini interview so… here you have it…

  • MBB: How did you find my blog?
  • MM: I can’t quite remember, I was looking at something to do with hair and stumbled upon your many trials, I found your blog before YT.
  • MBB: What made you want to start your own blog?
  • MM: I read lots of different blogs and decided I wanted to add my 2 cents, the more opinions on things the better. Plus I couldn’t always find reviews for some lesser known products so thought maybe I would review things others may not.
  • MBB: What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  • MM: The great people I’ve met and the chance to be passionate about something outside of work (lead a fairly quiet life hehe)
  • MBB: Do you meet up with other bloggers/attend events?
  • MM: I haven’t yet but would love to if one came up and I was free.
  • MBB: Tell me something your readers may not already know about you
  • MM: I can do a Rubiks Cube in under a minute (sad fact). I’ve also done 2 bungee jumps for charity despite being afraid of heights.
  • MBB: What’s your one Holy Grail product you would recommend to everyone?
  • MM: That’s hard, probably Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub is something I have repeatedly bought and always go back to. Makeup-wise though it would be Estee Lauder Double Wear.
  • MBB: And lastly, how would you describe your blog to a potential reader?
  • MM: It’s a beauty blog giving honest reviews, recent buys and things I lust over. I cover anything from Boots essentials to Chanel.
You can read MissMathful’s blog here
She also tweets… here
Will you be next weeks Featured Follower?


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