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I am all about pampering and relaxation right now and weekly face masks are a big part of that. It’s a little treat I look forward to. I’ve tried the majority of the montagne jeunesse range (as has lee but shhh! keep that to yourself) so I thought it was about time I wrote a little something about them. For my own records so much as hopefully helping some of you that may read this I am going to do a mini review each week on the mask I have used. They all claim to do different things for different skin types and when I go to pick one up I can never remember which ones I’ve liked best so… now I will have these reviews to refer back to! 
First up…
Deep Exfoliating & Ultra Cleansing

All face masks are different, some are thermal (self heating) and won’t really dry/set, some peel off (minimising mess) and some will harden and need to be soaked/scrubbed off. This one is grainy and feels and smells a lot like the St Ives Apricot scrubs. It does set hard but because it’s intended to exfoliate it scrubs away nicely and you feel extra clean once it’s gone. I massaged the mask in to my skin and left it on for 10-15mins, I effectively exfoliated twice so those with a sensitive skin… this may not be for you. I, however, love to scrub! It’s the only thing that ever leaves me feeling really cleansed. Overall I liked this because of the grainy texture. Often I use a mask and don’t see or feel any benefit.. you just have to trust that it’s done it’s job but with this because it is an exfoliant you do feel the instant results. This is going in my “buy again” pile but it’s really more a face scrub than a conventional mask.

You didn’t think I’d leave you without a goofy picture did you? 

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