Fenty Beauty Review / Pro Filt’r Foundation & Killawatt Highlighter

Fenty Beauty Review Highlighter Killawatt Lightning Dust Fire Crystal foundation 230

First off, I asked Ella last night whether she had heard about Rihanna’s new beauty line and she said ‘who’s Rihanna?’ so something that made me feel very cool and down with the kids for buying earlier that day now makes me feel 100 years old! So, this is Fenty Beauty! The range I’d heard absolutely nothing about until days before the launch and that you now can’t go anywhere near social media without seeing swatches of or memes about. Crazy. I happened to be in Liverpool for launch day and thought I’d stop by their Beauty Bazaar since Harvey Nichols are the only stockists and it was unlikely I’d see another counter anytime soon. I didn’t really expect to want anything but the hype got me and I had to see what all the fuss was about.


Obviously most of the chatter online once the range was announced was the huge number of foundation shades. There are a whopping 40 to choose from which is unheard of all in one place. Brands release certain shades in certain countries/areas depending on the majority ethnicities living there and the range is never nearly this wide so although it may appear that some are covering all bases this really is a game changer. Because of this I was most interested in testing out the foundation, it’s all very well being inclusive but if the product isn’t great it’s not that useful, is it?

fenty beauty foundation review before after shade 230The Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear foundation is the only one to choose from but they had me at soft matte and it felt lovely on the back of my hand. I was matched up as 230 which is too warm and a little too dark for me but I was rushing and the stand was busy.. if I love it I’ll go back for a paler one because at £26 a bottle it really wasn’t nearly as expensive as I’d expected. fenty beauty foundation review before and afterI wore this for an entire day with two layers applied with a large buffing brush, no concealer or powder and was really impressed by the wear time. It wasn’t mattifying but I didn’t feel shiny or the need to blot, very natural from first application to the end of the day. Initially I was a little put off by the dewy finish but I think it makes this single foundation a little more universal as it didn’t feel like any matte longwear anything I’ve ever tried but it also didn’t leave me with shine. I would stick with one layer in future because as I built up the coverage I found it to settle on and around my nose and even around my jaw, accentuating peach fuzz.. not super attractive but perhaps not something you’d notice unless you were inspecting it up close. The foundation felt weightless and didn’t look heavy which ticks all the boxes for me. Something that lasts, isn’t shiny but doesn’t look cakey and heavy ☑️

Fenty Beauty Review Highlighter Killawatt Lightning Dust Fire Crystal foundation 230

The other thing to catch my eye was this highlighter.. I’m certain I have a million like it but I liked the idea of the duo and again, I was totally riding the social media wave of excitement at this point. There are six Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters to choose from.  I got the palest of the bunch featuring Lightning Dust (worn below on the left) and Fire Crystal (worn on the right) and I’m so happy I picked it up. A total impulse purchase but the perfect highlighter for me. I love the subtle sheen of Lightning Dust but if I want to bump it up a little higher on my cheeks I have the supercharged side to build that glow.

Fenty Beauty Review Highlighter Killawatt Lightning Dust Fire Crystal

There are some cream face products called ‘Match Stix’ that seem very cool and multi-purpose if you’re in to that kind of thing. Anything from concealer to contour to blush to highlight, they do it all and they snap together with magnets!! I’m not sure they’re quite my kettle of fish but I would love to try the Instant Retouch Primer and the Invisimatte Blotting Powder!Overall the line is small but perfectly formed, a well thought out selection of products for a huge range of skin tones.. and it’s GOOD! Celebrity beauty gets a bad rap but this doesn’t feel like celebrity beauty, it does feel high end and I’m excited to try more.


*these are very early first impressions, my opinions are subject to change



  1. sassy
    10 September, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    Both foundation and highlighter look amazing on you!

  2. 11 September, 2017 / 1:08 pm

    I agree the foundation is a little dark on you but the actual Finish of it looks great. This will be lovely on you when you have a holiday tan! The highlighter looks great. I’m holding off until I see some more in depth reviews *must not get carried away with the hype*

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