Finding My Style – The Reboot

Some of you may remember a series I started a few years ago called ‘finding my style’

It was a little scattered in terms of where the content could be found and I didn’t keep up with it but to this day it’s my most asked after series! So much so that at the start of the year I decided to bring it back. I rebooted my Diary Of A Spendaholic channel (where any style content used to live on YouTube) and started planning the series based on questions that had come up the first time around and in the subsequent emails.

Then something amazing happened. I was contacted about writing a book. So I took that prep and any time I’d set aside for the new content and started writing. I’m still writing (it’s a lot, you guys! I had no idea what a time commitment it would be alongside everything else) but the further I get the more I realise.. I need your help.

I am going to bring back the series to my channel (and here on my blog) and in order to do that well I need to know what you want to know. I’m hoping that as I talk it through with you guys via video and in follow up comments I will flesh out some of the ideas with Q&A you bring up as a result. I listen to so many (usually self-help) audiobooks and it’s rare for someone to read back something they’ve written and not want to add something new. I know it’s probably unavoidable but hey, it can’t hurt to try and get it right the first time, can it?

Another thing I’m considering (and I’m really just thinking aloud here) is to include case studies. I plan to delve extensively in to colour palettes and finding a handful of colours that you know you look amazing in and there are only so many ways to do that without some real life faces in play. It might be nice to have some long time reader/viewer submissions to bring us full circle.. since I’m fairly certain nobody would have offered me the chance to publish a book without those of you reading this right now.

I should probably apologise to those of you who are. It’s been a very long day as I type this and I’m ready for bed. What was intended to be the relaunch of my style content became a bit of a stream of conciousness-style diary entry, didn’t it? I promise.. there are people who know what they’re doing giving my writing a once over before it’s commited to paper and ink!

So back to the matter at hand, I plan to revive the topic with videos about colour analysis, identifying and dressing your body shape, how to shop smarter, CONFIDENCE.. the whole shebang but if there’s any specific subject you want me to tackle, I’m all ears! Even better, if you’d potentially be interested in featuring in the book in a Q&A capacity or as a colour analysis case study email me at

The first time I did this the idea was to chronicle finding my own style, this time I want to share what I learned (and what I didn’t) about both style and myself in the process.

*I’ll give you a hint*

An outfit will not change who you are or the life you live.

Stay tuned!


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