The first day of work is a lot like the first day of school…
Full of nerves and angst and hoping you’ll be liked, this is why I am not looking forward to tomorrow…
Monday morning I start my new job. I have been out of work for 8 months so it’s even more daunting than it usually would be starting somewhere new. I AM looking forward to having a life outside of my house though!
I started YOUTUBING because I was literally doing nothing with my time off.. I so wish I had discovered vlogging etc when I first left work.. I would have thousands of videos up by now, lol!
I hope to still be able to get a couple of videos up a week… vlogs will continue to be easier to do adhoc now and then but I’m gonna try and get up a tutorial of sorts at least once a week and maybe also a review/request. I’ve decided I’m going to have to be more organised if this thing is going to work around me working 45hour weeks!
I intend to do my “whats in your bag” video this week and then I’ll be taking as many requests as I can get… my plan is to have a list next to my vanity to get through as and when appropriate.
I’m so happy to have so many subscribers in such a short space of time… at the time of posting this I’m upto 930 amd have been youtubing just under 3 months.. I think that’s pretty good going! I’ve had a couple of different contests running in that time and so I do hope that these numbers won’t suddenly drop when the contest winners are announced..
Because I’m worried this may happen I won’t be running another contest until I hit at least 1000 and my previous contests have been over for a few weeks (enough time for poeple that subbed just to enter tp have un-subbed) I plan to make the contest a “secret” contest… name it something normal so people searching for open contests wont come across it… I want to run a contest only for my very loyal subscribers… my subscribers that watch every video I put out!!!!
I love you guys!
Anyway, it’s 23.58 now.. I have my clothes laid out ready for morning… and shoes of course, I’m going to film a little getting ready for my first day of work video I think and may vlog at work on a break if I can find somewhere quiet and private (don’t want people to think I’m nuts lol)
I should go sleep now and try to get some beauty rest.. I’m gonna attempt to wear an eyemask.. I’ve heard eyecream sinks in better.. is that true does anybody know??
zzzz….last thing… if you DO have any requests you can pop them in the comments below this post!

night y’all

miss bb


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