Five Inflight Essentials

INFLIGHT BEAUTY ESSENTIALS SKINCAREGood Evening! Morning? I’m not even sure what time it is or where I am. The live flight info tells me I am 1hr 26mins away from arrival and everyone else is asleep so I thought I would use this time to write something since I know I will pass out as soon as I get in the car. Isn’t it funny how you have all the energy when you should be sleeping and absolutely none when it’s morning and you should definitely be powering through the jet lag because you stupidly didn’t book leave tomorrow and have to work?

I’m going to share five of my inflight picks from this trip and actually from my travel bag in general, whether I’m awake for a week or a night most of these items are coming with me..


Moisture Mask
This has been a staple in my travel bag since our first trip to Las Vegas. The desert is DRY and I remember using Origins Drink It Up as my evening moisturiser and my skin absorbing it before I’d finished applying!! I started using it on flights and never looked back. I recently graduated to Glam Glow Thirsty Mud, I love the texture, the scent (although it’s a TOUCH playdough-y) and the cute little tub.. as well as the hydrating after effects, of course.

Lip Balm
An obvious one but one still worth mentioning for those of you lucky enough not to have to carry on in your handbag at all times. I’ve tried lots of fancy balms but I always come back to the original Burts Bees. I reapply often and as well as the balmy benefits, the minty scent makes me feel a little fresher too.

Eye Drops
A newer addition to my inflight routine, I was never in to eye drops until I discovered the ones you can spray on CLOSED EYES. It’s funny, I can touch my eye ball, no problem but drops? No thanks! I don’t get it either but a spritz on each eye makes the world of difference in the air. You don’t realise how dehydrated you are until you try it, it really perks me up when I’m trying to stay awake too, perfect just before landing.

Face Wipes
We all travel with wipes of some kind, right? Mine double as wet wipes (especially when travelling with the kids) but a couple of times throughout the flight I like to refresh, reapply my moisturiser/mask/face oil du jour and feel.. again, refreshed, I know it’s been a totally overused word in this post but that’s pretty much the aim of the game here, is it not?

Eye Patches
This could be eye cream/gel if you’re self conscious but since discovering the Masque Bar eye patches and the after effects I can’t recommend them highly enough for de-puffing and generally helping to disguise the fact you’ve been on a plane for 9 hours with no sleep. I have no problem with face masks in flight but I am difficult to embarrass these days!


Now on with the rest of the flight. It’s been one of the most turbulent flights I’ve ever been on, NOT fun with an 11 year old who’s scared of flying, let me tell you. Fingers crossed for a smooth landing and a long nap in the car once we’ve kissed the tarmac and the pilot!

*I do hope it’s not bad luck to type that in advance..


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  1. 25 August, 2017 / 1:39 pm

    Oh! I never thought about grabbing some eye patches before flight – that’s genius, as I have a very dry undereyes and the flights seem to really irritate them. Gotta try it next time. Thanks for the tip!

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