Flight Of Passage & The Christmas Castle – Disney World Diary – Six

Today’s Take-aways:

  • We don’t like Animal Kingdom
  • We love water parks
  • Flight Of Passage is as good as everyone says
  • Holidays are comin’

Today was a productive one. We started early to ride Flight Of Passage at park opening in Animal Kingdom. We got there for 8.30 (park opened at 9) and there was already a 60minute queue. We knew this would probably the case but we just weren’t prepared to stand in line for the park to open in order to.. avoid standing in line. The queue started at the entrance to Pandora and we didn’t even get to the end of the regular line for around an hour. From there I’d estimate it was another 30 minutes before we got on the ride and when we got off the wait time was 150minutes. It’s madness I tell you!

That being said, it really is a spectacular ride. If I were here with just Lee we might queue again but it’s a lot with the whole family. I know you’ve probably already heard about it but nothing can really prepare you for the entirely realistic feeling of flying through the world of Avatar n the back of a Banshee. There were lots of ‘wow!’s and gasps (and that was just from me) and the whole time you’re dipping and diving, you’re also feeling a pulse between your thighs (oo-er) to simulate the Banshee’s breath. Seriously, it’s just amazing as everyone says.

From there we had a few fast passes booked but we’re really not fans of Animal Kingdom. It’s hot, busy, LOUD, just not for us. We did Festival Of The Lion King (another attraction I’d highly recommend – it’s a stage show) and decided to hit Typhoon Lagoon again. Ella and I spent a good amount of time trying to master the wave pool and Milo put on one of the (provided) life vests and suddenly felt invincible. He was throwing himself in the waves left and right. Nobody wanted to leave. Before the park closed we got on all of the family raft rides (we did Miss Adventure Falls twice – do that one!) and changed for Magic Kingdom.

We were tired, I was nervous we wouldn’t make it but I was determined to 1. get y Tangled ‘lantern’ picture and 2. hopefully see the castle lit for Christmas. It was so lucky, I’d seen something about the lighting ceremony but I wasn’t sure whether it would kick off after the parties started and as we hung round Guest Services to get our ‘first visit’ badges I heard the music. I ran with Milo (and camera) to see the very first lighting of the year. Some child-free adults stepped in front of us at the last moment so he missed the lighting (this is the part Disney can’t control – the obnoxious arseholes) but I got in on video. It was absolute magic.

I haven’t shed a single tear this trip (a first for a Disney holiday) but that brought me close and walking through the park I was legitimately mesmerised. We wont necessarily ever come back at this time again so I’m so pleased we got to see it in all its frosted splendour. Milo asked if we could walk through the castle but it was still closed. His theory is that it’s so full of snow that you can’t get in. Again ,magic.

We queued for a long time to get my lantern shot but it was totally worth it (why can I not take a photo without crazy eyes??) we ducked out of our Buzz Lightyear fast pass (the line for FP was out the door!!) and rode the Teacups one last time before heading back to the boat. I’m glad we shuffled our plans around because I think leaving Magic Kingdom on our last day would have been extra sad. We saw the fireworks from the boat (I now really want to see them from Garden Grill at The Contemporary, The view from a distance was awesome!) and carried a sleeping Milo back to the car.

I think that for me and the kids, Magic Kingdom is it Disney-wise. Lee isn’t in to the magic and it’s a pretty busy and stressful park to be in if you’re only there for the rides. I could happily just sit there for the day and soak it all up but that’s not for Lee everyone. We’re going back to Universal tomorrow to make the most of our two day pass and finish up the rides we didn’t get around to on Sunday.

*extra magic – Milo asked me if I wished I was dressed as Rapunzel and he was dressed as Eugene for the lantern picture. My heart melted


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