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I didn’t even know this was possible but the ever resourceful Gemsmaquillage tweeted me this invaluable tidbit of info I couldn’t go without sharing with you guys. I know there were a few of you worried (I wish) you’d lose touch with my blog when I officially move from blogspot to wordpress on 1st July BUT there is a way! Watch this video.
For those who don’t know or need a reminder my new url will be and it’s up and running now if you want to make the switch early!
Let me know if you manage to do this.
Miss BB

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  1. 18 June, 2012 / 12:28 am

    Thank you God! I really do love following your blog (hello from the states!) and was sad to know I wouldn't have you on my blogspot but lo-and-behold I can. Love your reviews!

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