For The Love Of Five Guys


Fun Fact: I LOVE Five Guys! I’ve heard mixed reviews online and in person but I think it all comes down to what you’re expecting from the experience. If you’re looking for another low cost fast food joint you will likely come away feel totally robbed but if you’re looking at it as a restaurant (think Nando’s, Frankie&Benny’s) you’re more likely to enjoy your visit. If you’re a plain burger and chips kinda guy you also won’t get the most from this place, it’s a lot to spend for something basic but if you like a burger the way YOU LIKE IT you will probably love the chain! I’m not sold on their fries but their burgers are large and tasty enough to do as my meal. Their drink selection is insane, from the bottomless (of which there are hundreds to choose from at the magic Coke machine) to beer and milkshakes that are just as customisable as their burgers it’s definitely a departure from fast food as we know it.

IMG_0700 IMG_0705 IMG_0707My burger of choice is the little bacon burger with mushrooms, ketchup and mayo but there are SO many toppings to choose from, all of which come at no extra cost so you can see how you might not get your moneys worth if your order it plain. Everything is fresh, they pride themselves on this, hanging reviews that state ‘not a freezer in the joint’ and signs announcing which local provider their potatoes were shipped in from that day. Overall it’s great, not a day to day eatery but a treat everyone can enjoy.. just don’t expect th chips to be cheap!



  1. candice
    23 August, 2016 / 7:53 am

    Ahhh wish we had a Five Guys!!! That burger looks so good

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. 23 August, 2016 / 9:30 am

    I love five guys and can’t wait for the one In Aberdeen to open later this year. Sophie x

  3. Debbie
    23 August, 2016 / 10:29 am

    Myself and my boyfriend were in NYC last week and enjoyed five guys, burgers were good but not so keen on the frys, gotta love lime flavoured diet coke!

  4. Nathalie
    23 August, 2016 / 11:39 am

    Our Five guys and a Burger joint only serves soda, no shakes or beer! Not fair! Must be a Canadian or a provincial law. Hubs would live a beer with his bacon cheese burger, I’m sure!

    • Nathalie
      23 August, 2016 / 11:41 am

      But you ask for a little fries because they fill the cup then adds another scoop (or three) right in the bottom of the bag containing your order!

  5. Jen
    23 August, 2016 / 7:54 pm

    I recently tried Five Guys when it came to Newcastle and I fell in love straight away, the burgers are so yummy!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  6. 26 August, 2016 / 3:38 pm

    I have never been to Five Guys, but with one coming to Norwich soon I cannot wait to try it out! Christie x

  7. 28 August, 2016 / 6:54 pm

    I love Five Guys so much! I didn’t have one in my home town but now I live in Cardiff there are two – their chips are to die for and it’s pretty dangerous for me haha!

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