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IMG_9147As I write this my husband is passively fitness shaming me (yes, it’s a thing. I’ve decided it’s a thing) by completing what feels like his 90th day of the 30 day shred. Usually leading up to Summer I get some motivation to get moving and ‘tone up’ (never actually tone up but hey I run for a minute, better than no running at all) but this year I just bought clothes that fit me well and don’t make me feel sh*t and that niggly ‘must lose weight’ feeling has been drowned out by Ferrero Rocher wrappers.

It’s been making me itch to pick up a regular activity activity again. I’ve always thought of myself as quite flighty for being unable to stick to a hobby (secretly hoping I’d develop a love for running or yoga) but I recently realised there are actually quite a few things I have continually enjoyed over the course of my life that I’ve gone back to. They’re hobbies, right? Today I’m going to share 3 of my favourite ways to waste my free time.


A bit crafty (that’s a hobby, right?) and kind of related to scrapbooking too? I’m a big list maker and when I have a lot to do or am feeling stressed there is no better way to organise my thoughts that by making 25 lists. Planning has become a legitimate hobby for many over the past few years and I love it. I particularly love my Erin Condren Life Planner for forward planning and week to view but for LISTS and notes you can’t beat a Bullet Journal.

Video Games

I have a very small circle of interest here, personal strategy gaming. I’m not interested in multiplayer Playstation sh*t, something I can play on the DS or laptop and totally immerse myself in is ideal. Once I’m in however I’m IN and everything else falls by the wayside, I have a lost (long) weekend to the new Sims expansion and then move on with my life on Monday Tuesday.. there’s no moderation. Some of my favourites are The Sims (2 is the best, it just is) Broken Sword (now available as an app – really, really excellent game series) and Pokemon. I’m not really in to Pokemon Go yet but for the DS/Gameboy it is still one of my all time favourite games.. never completed it but I’m no quitter, I’m 30 now, I’ve got new moves 😉

Face Masks

Okay, maybe this isn’t a hobby for most but it is the way I do it. I would wear a face mask all day every day if 1. I could afford it and 2. my skin needed/could handle it. I’m OBSESSED. When I get in to the face mask zone I’m using 1 a night MINIMUM. Usually a cleansing face mask followed by an exfoliating one, finishing with something hydrating. It’s usually after a breakout or very dry spell that I get crazy for them but Cosmetic Candy just gifted me some EXCELLENT sheet masks I’m getting through them quicker than I’d like. LOVE me a sheet mask!!

I think anything you choose to spend your free time on that is not an essential part of your day could be classed as a hobby.. CANDY CRUSH might be your hobby, own it, enjoy it!



  1. 20 July, 2016 / 10:50 pm

    Guild Wars is a beautiful game to play! Me and my boyfriend used to play along side each other and spend our whole evenings in another dimension. And you can’t beat the Sims! I just used to love creating houses!

  2. 21 July, 2016 / 5:32 pm

    Great post, girlfriend. I’m a gamer as well, though I love all sorts. I love my nintendo 3ds but I’ve also been addicted to my sister’s ps4 and the uncharted series (not ashamed to admit that shooting some fictional jerks is a great stress reliever). I also do a lot of binge reading – I usually read like 3-4 different books at once and love getting lost in a bunch of different worlds (because fictional problems are way more interesting than real ones, right??)

  3. 26 July, 2016 / 9:08 pm

    I have some of the exact same interests, Mikhila! I was actually surprised to see this from you, because they are eerily similar. I very recently got a New 3DS XL so I could finally play some newer games in my down time, and I’ve been loving it. I also recently did a feature on some cute planner stickers on my blog that I’ve been loving. I’m normally a lister, I have a vertical lined planner, but I love functional and icon stickers. Your style reminded me so much of myself, haha. And skincare, of course, I’ve been loving the Freeman Clay face masks lately, but I was obsessed with sheet masks this past winter because my face was sooo dry (and I’m normally a combo oily skinned person). Such a fun post idea!

    Danielle ❤

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