Friend Or Faux?


Last month I made a bit of an impulse eBay purchase. I have lusted after a velvet Chanel Boy bag forever but knew I’d never be able to justify the cost for something that would 1. be covered in dog hair within minutes of being in my house, 2. wear horribly thanks to the rainy British weather and 3. be entirely uncool in a couple of years when velvet is ‘out’ again. I’d seen another blogger with a fake last year and finally decided that at £15 a pop it was worth a go.


I’ve never felt great about fake items in the past but between this not being that obviously fake leather and the logo being not quite Chanel I decided I could be cool with it.. but when I carried it today I did feel a little funny. I found myself covering the logo and at one point even wearing it backwards. My subconscious might not be 100% on board. The quality isn’t fantastic but again because it’s velvet it’s less of a tell and not something that would put me off wearing it. Ultimately it’s the almost Chanel logo that has me feeling a little off, if you removed the silver plate I’d feel a lot more comfortable carrying the bag. All that aside, the colour is beautiful and in the run up the Christmas I’m totally going to wear it, it’s too pretty not to.


How do you feel about faux designer items? I know we’ve discussed this topic at length on the beauty side but where is the line between ‘designer inspired’ and full on fake? For me it’s the logo, it’s not a fake unless it’s full on passing itself off as X brand but after carrying this I’m wondering if even this is too close for comfort.

Here’s this exact bag on eBay, I waited around 3 weeks for delivery



  1. Laura
    21 October, 2017 / 7:13 pm

    Omg that bag is gorgeous and after following your link Santa (hubby) is going to have to get me it in the purple.

  2. Claire
    21 October, 2017 / 7:36 pm

    Agree. The logo makes it more of a sneaky tribute than a fake. I can see Zara doing one like that.

    I clicked on that link praying for dark green.

  3. Beth Newton
    22 October, 2017 / 2:47 pm

    I prefer ‘inspired’ bags such as versions from high street brands. I love the ones from Primark that are clearly influenced but the design of designer bags. It’s the pretending to be designer logos that puts me off as I think it does make it look more obviously ‘fake’. However… I do love that bag regardless!

  4. 24 October, 2017 / 8:02 pm

    I would love to own a Chanel boy bag, but lets be honest that is never going to happen. So I would probably opt out for the kind of “knock-off” you bought, and it really looks nice 🙂

  5. Jodie
    24 October, 2017 / 9:54 pm

    The thing is, when I see a designer bag I assume it’s fake unless the person is dressed head to toe in designer gear. Or if it’s a less expensive brand like michael kors. I don’t care if someone is carrying a dupe since designer bags tend to be stupidly over priced, especially chanel.

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