Friends with Benefit

You guys KNOW how much I love Benefit cosmetics..
It’s come up in many tags and my earlier videos were pretty much Benefit only.
Well I’m finally getting around to posting my fabourite Benefit products, I of course made a video but there are so many it would have waaay over-run so I kind of blasted through it and here I will go in to more detail…
So here goes, please hold questions till the end x

So these are my favourite products by Benefit…
In order,
Dr Feelgood
I lovethis product, It’s been gifted to every woman I know, I’d recommend it to anyone starting with makeup and not wanting to wear anything too heavy like a full foundation as it’s a kind of mattifying balm but it also smooths lines and is a fantastic primer. It contains healing ingredients too so it’s great for spot prone skin like mine!
I know highbeam is a big bestseller for Benefit but I’m more of a golden girl and I love this, it’s a kind of peachy sheen rather than a pink/white highlight and for me it’s just perfect.. it lasts all day and you can wear it alone, under powder or mix it with your foundation for a gorgeous dewy glow!
Bo-ing (shade 2)
This has always been my favourite concealer.. it really is “industrial strength” it covers all manner of sins and is ideal for a really bad breakout and dark circles… both of which I often suffer from.
Badgal Lash
The biggest selling point of this product is the brush! this mascara wand is a magical one creating both volume and length.. my only regret is I’m yet to try the plum version (they also do brown)
This is a 2 piece set with a tube of lip buffing beads and a tube of lip caring balm … together they really do create the softest lips your significant other will ever have kissed! the perfect partner for trendy bold shades!
Lipstick (ladys choice)
The creamiest lipstick ever, non drying and it’s really nice wearing. This colour particularly for me is a lovely daytime shade, very polished and proper.
Lipgloss (life on the A-List)
The act I bought this in New York and the scent reminds me of that night is probably a big factor in my love ogf this gloss but its a really nice sheen over a niude lip and its sticky enough to stay put but liquid enough to wear off without going bitty or drying your lips.
Eyeshadow (Soft Shoulder)
This was a find for me when I was on the hunt for a nice warm brick kind of brown that I failed to find at mac. It’s so versatile, it can be worn sheer or layered as a bolder colour and it really blends so beautifully.
It Stick
Ideal for pin pointing spots/ problem areas, I like this to carry in my bag as it’s difficult to damage in transit being a solid pencil and all…I also like to use this as an eyeshadow primer.
The original eye brightener.. a great uk equivalent to NYXs milk pencil, good as an eyeshadow base, for lining your waterline to widen eyes and to adding to the inner corners of your eyes to perk you up a bit on those mornings you need it 🙂
here are the swatches…
I hope you enjoyed my review and love these products as much as I do..
Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.
love always
Miss BB


  1. 1 September, 2010 / 10:52 pm

    Great post, i have a few benefit items that i love but not as many as you. I just found your blog through twitter, i just signed up today and have no idea what im doing ha x

  2. 2 September, 2010 / 9:18 am


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