Galentines Day!

I’d like to take this time to take a quick poll.. who knew the show this title referenced before you read the post? It totally doesn’t count if you already saw this weeks video!! I feel like Parks and Rec is the most underrated show in the UK but over in the US it’s huge and thanks to Netflix (US version.. what? if they didn’t want us to access it they should make it more difficult 😏) I was introduced to it a couple of years ago and it’s now one of my top 5. I think Dave has it now if you’re interested but I digress, the main character, Leslie Knope, holds an annual friendship celebration on 13th Feb dubbed ‘Galentines Day’ and this year my friend Laura and I decided to hold our own with the help of Morrisons food/drink treats which you can watch a little of in this video.

The general concept is that you put emphasis on appreciating your friends one day a year in the same way you would your other half. I like the idea, it’s a bit cheesy but then so is Valentines Day, no? Relationships with friends are just as important as those with your family.. they’re the ones you choose after all.. and the ones that have to listen to you complain about the others.. they put up with a lot for a little, why shouldn’t they get a day of celebration?

Morrisons have a huge array of sweet treats, gifts and flowers for the weekend ahead but the star has to be the meal deal. A starter, main, dessert and bottle of wine or non-alcoholic equalivalent for £15. Since I had my eldest at 19 and my parents anniversary happens to be 14th Feb I have never actually been out for a swanky meal to celebrate Valentines so I’m well versed in the meal deal arena and what Laura and I shared for our girls day in was spot on. The Beef Bourjuinion was amazing, we had the Dauphinois potatos too which I’d highly recommend.. but do them in the oven, they need that crispy top!

We polished off our bottle of wine watching our favourite show, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a child free afternoon than eating and drinking with one of my best friends, can you?


*sponsored by Morrisons


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  1. 14 February, 2016 / 6:39 pm

    I knew I knew I knew!! (Galentine’s Day is my birthday ;))

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