George Balmy

IMG_2559Another beauty product you can pick up from good old Asda, and this one isn’t even that bad. The general concept seems to be much the same as Maybelline Baby Lips and the multiple dupes that have been released since people seemed to love those. It’s a tinted lip balm in funky packaging with a subtle scent, perfect for teens but not to be dismissed by the adults among us either. To touch back on the Baby Lips for a moment (how can I not, the resemblance is striking) I really never thought they were all that. They got a lot of blogger hype but let’s be real.. they’re standard lip balms, nothing special they just somehow managed to convince us that we needed them all.

IMG_2555IMG_2558In just the same way this is a very basic product with a little colour, a slightly less delicious smell than its Maybelline counterpart.. a little plasticky for my taste but hey, it’s £1.99, what do you expect? I was sent two colours of Balmy, Shade 2 (top) and Shade 3 (bottom) – Shade 2 is a strawberry scented pink that gives just a hint of colour that is actually very wearable. It does of course wear away but it fades evenly so you have no worries about being left with a bizarre patchwork pattern without regular touch ups. Shade 3, you will have to just take my word for.. it was bolder, cherry scented and something I would probably have worn a fair amount.. had it not broken. This is a major pet peeve of mine. I’m a gentle lipstick user, a love of lipstick if you will.. there’s not way I broke that through force.. it just smushed and melted and was a bit rubbish. Much like the Natural Collection Lipsticks I like these in theory.. if they stay in one piece they’re not at all bad for the money but if you run the risk of snapping of melting you’re doubling the cost when you have to repurchase. It’s frustrating but as I say, £1.99.. product is basic but the colours are cute as is the packaging.

Miss BB

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  1. jdhartil
    9 October, 2014 / 9:31 am

    I really like the top one, a lovely shade!

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