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I was out with my friend, Stacie and our kids last week during the first day of the Easter holidays and we were both already thinking ahead to the Summer. When the kids are occupied and happy it’s great but nothing’s worse than a bored child at home with ‘nothing to do’ and 6 weeks off can be daunting for parents. Either you’re off with them and they’re driving you nuts or you’re working and the childcare is costing you an arm and a leg. Trips during the school holidays seem to cost more every year and schools have even started fining those who take them in term time. If you’re looking to save cash on a family break it can feel impossible.

Every year The Sun runs their £15 holiday deal which I always hear about but have never got around to using. Stacie was telling me she’s used it a lot and would recommend the scheme but that it pays to collect and book as early as possible. Looking a little further in to it it seems to be insanely popular and I can see why. there are threads in forums dedicated to getting the best deals first and sharing experiences about the various parks available to book.

There are 270 parks across the UK and Europe costing from £15 in the Summer months and only £9.50 in April/May. There are add ons depending on where you stay and the level of luxury you require but the base price is ridiculously affordable and aside from the paper itself the coupons cost nothing to collect. You need 8 unique codes (found on the coupons) to get online and book your break and given the amount of information that is already out there you can arm yourself with a fair bit of research ahead of collecting your final paper.

I will be collecting this year to see what’s on offer as I quite fancy taking the kids away on my own for a few nights but don’t want to spend a fortune on a supplementary holiday. The first coupon with be in Saturday’s (2nd) paper and the campaign end on the 8th.


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