Get Cheeky with Miners

When I received the 3 new lipstick formulas from miners I also received these new cream stick cheek products. In general I don’t get along with cream colour products so I didn’t think I was going to like these but they are not what I expected them to be and I’m actually really enjoying them. 
None are so pigmented they look garish which is often the issue for me but it was the formula that won me over. They aren’t at all greasy. They’re almost dry, blendable but smudge proof.. really just totally different from anything else I’ve tried. I’m not sure how they’ll fare over time, I get the impression they might dry out to an unusable state earlier than I’d like but I will have to get back to you on that one.
The only one real negative is that these are the only shades available so if this bronze/blush or highlight doesn’t suit you there are no other options. I don’t know if they plan to expand at a later date but I would imagine it will depend how popular they are. I expected to be comparing these to the old Eyeko Fat Balms but I found those sticky and unusable as cheek products where these are too dry to be multi-purpose for the lips as well.. swings and roundabouts I guess. 
The Cheek Of It is available from Miners online for £3.99 here


  1. 26 March, 2012 / 4:56 pm

    eeep! I'd love to try the highlighter!

    Katt xo

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