Gnocchi Bolognese with Hello Fresh

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Long time followers may remember my Hello Fresh (here’s a video from 2014!) unboxings. I set myself a goal to cook more for my family and try new meals and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say it completely changed the way I shopped and gave me a love of cooking  that I never had before. For those of you who don’t know, Hello Fresh is a food delivery service which provides all of the ingredients to prepare 3-5 meals along with recipe cards and step by step instructions. You can choose the meals that you would prefer (to a point) as well as thing like ‘veggie’ or ‘family’ to specify who (and how many) you are cooking for each week. It’s a flexible subscription so you can pause, alter your order or skip a week, which I frequently did and with my code HELLODIARY you can get £25 off your first box (starting at £39) so if you want to give it a try and see how you like it it’s actually really affordable.

The general ethos of the company is to save you time (shopping, deciding what to make, weighing ingredients etc), to save waste (each meal comes with exactly the right amount of everything you need) and to push you out of your weekly food rut and encourage you to try new things.. or even old things in a new way. A great example of that is this meal. I make spaghetti bolognese ALL THE TIME and never once have I considered adding grated carrot (hidden veg for the kids!!) or Worcestershire sauce (nor so much for the kids but I enjoyed it) and I steamed broccoli in the OVEN which was like some kind of witchcraft.

I think the main thing I got from subscribing to the service was confidence, it’s pretty fool proof with the instructions they give you and it made me feel like I could actually cook. If you feel a bit lost in the kitchen or just want to try something new I would highly recommend you give it a go.. with £25 off the first week it’s cheaper than buying those meals from the supermarket so really, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.. you might even find your new favourite meal!

You can check out the recipe in this video and find out more about Hello Fresh or order your first box online here

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