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You guys know the hair trouble I’ve had recently, well in a bid to improve it’s condition I picked up the Goldwell Kerasilk line and I have to tell you… so far… I like it!
I got the Shampoo, Treatment and Styling fluid. After washing my hair can become totally unmanageable, I can’t brush it and when I do I pull more hair out. The instant silk fluid puts moisture back in my hair so I can do something with it. I use it on towel dried hair to get a brush through and sparingly on dry hair to boost the appearance as it looks so dry right now. The shampoo and conditioner… mmmm. I know that the “treatment” which I believe is their conditioner equivalent for this line is doing something. It recommends massaging it into towel dried hair, leaving for 5 mins or longer and rinsing and when I do that I don’t even need the silk fluid stuff> The treatment has impressed me, the shampoo.. I just don’t know. I have never found a WOW shampoo, I don’t think you can ever tell how great a shampoo really is when we’re talking about damaged hair, I’m not looking for super clean or super bouncy I’m looking for repair and I don’t know if a shampoo can do that. So I’m persevering with the set in the hope that any other shampoo would make my hair worse by drying it out where as this is perhaps maintaining the what I still have and hopefully moisturising a touch as it goes. I will do a full review when I’ve used it all up… the real test will be upon the repurchasing decision after all. 
If any of you have tried this and want to share your opinions go ahead in the comments below.. If you want to recommend a great repair product then do that too 🙂


  1. Anonymous
    15 April, 2011 / 10:20 pm

    I Would Recommend a product called Ojon Restorative hair treatment 🙂
    It saved my hair from hair hell!
    Basically i had dyed chocolate brown hair, then got my hair bleached blonde at a salon costing a fortune… Completely ruined the condition of my hair then couple weeks later decided i wanted brown so dyed it… Kept dying it the same colour as and when it started to fade … So maybe a month or two later i dyed it blonde using the jerome russel bb blonde as my cheaper option to salon and it didnt turn out great so in the same day i dyed it back chocolate…

    So after all that my hair was pretty much wire! It was horrible i couldnt brush it, style it, it was pretty much in a messy ponytale for a while…
    I tryed so many products and i think nothing helped as much as ojon did.

    On the tub it says all about how its a sacred native secret from 'the hair of beautifull people' who live in the american forest or something and how it has been clinically proven to have a 52% improvement on damaged dry hair.
    This Works!
    You can get it from their website or other places like QVC or ebay… They do a range of products but i know this one works!

    To be honest the smell isnt great, its like a burnt coffe kinda strong smell but its not unbearable and so worth it!
    Stick it on all your hair, wrap it up, go to be, thoughrally wash it off in the morning and your hair wil be obviously not completely fixed but in much much much better condition and is really shiny and soft.
    From Alicebraz26 x <-- a fellow subscriber xx

  2. 17 April, 2011 / 2:29 pm

    I agree with the comment above! Ojon is an amazing brand, my hairs been bleached and dyed and heat damaged and the hair treatment makes it feels so much stronger and less prone to breakage!

    It may sound silly but have you considered just washing your hair with just water for like 3 minutes then using conditioner rather than shampoo? I know hair dying addicts and they say there hair is in so much better condition after not using shampoo because it can dry your hair out! Or possibly inverting in a cleansing conditioner like the 'wen' one?
    Hope this helps!

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