Gone But Not Forgotten

It actually saddens me to look at this picture because I only had this for about a day before Milo mashed it up *sob* but I will be repurchasing so I thought I would post about it as it’s not as readily available as it used to be. This was my absolute staple lip balm for years, I always had a few of them on the go and I actually still have my very last one empty in my drawer. I instagrammed a picture of it along with my devastation that it’s no longer available and so many of you tweeted my links where I could still buy it, you guys are great at that, thanks! I assume it’s still produced elsewhere in Europe as it’s probably 5 years since I saw it on the shelves in the UK so I can’t imagine these people still have it stockpiled but they know their market and it’s not cheap. It’s £4.90 a tube, it was probably more like £2.50 in Boots etc so if you’re a ‘any balm will do’ kinda gal then this is probably a bit of a waste but for me and (I assume) many, many others this is a holy grail and so long as it’s available somewhere I will keep buying it.

The texture and hydration is great but it’s the vanilla scent that really does it for me.. The Body Shop used to make one really similar when I was a kid but I’ve never found anything else like it so if you love lip balm and you love vanilla.. buy this!

Available online here – and it was surprisingly quick shipping too!

Miss BB



  1. Phoebe Ward
    10 July, 2013 / 11:52 am

    I used to love another Johnsons lip balm called ‘moon balm’ but that has also been discontinued 🙁

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