Gosh Lip Oil in Flower Essence #30lipsin30days

If you are a gloss lover but want a more hydrating (or at least nourishing) version for winter please consider these lip oils from Gosh! I don’t do gloss often because they’re usually sticky, my hair gets caught up in them and more often than not they can be bizarrely drying on my but this is absolutely lush. It has an iridescent blue/pink sheen to it that would look gorgeous over the top of something deeper but alone it is just interesting enough.

My lips have been drier than normal lately so this felt like a real treat compared to the liquid lips I’ve been testing out. That may have skewed my perspective slightly but I really enjoyed using this and would buy it (or another shade) again. It’s kind of pricey (£7.49) for the drugstore but it’s half the cost of the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort and it is just an oil so I’d rather save than splurge.




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