Gosh Liquid Matte Lips in The Red #30lipsin30days

In stark contrast to the Anastasia red I shared the other day, this is LOVELY! The applicator makes it easy to achieve a crisp line but holds a good amount of product, the product itself is ALL colour, super opaque and it’s really comfortable to wear. The only real downside to this is that it never really sets. It dries to what I’d call a semi matte finish after 10 minutes or so and the always-slightly-moist finish is what makes it so flattering and non-drying but it’s not smudge proof.

It’s supposed to be plumping (apparently dandelion has something to do with this ?!?!?) but I’m not sure I saw any effect and there was definitely no tingle. Overall it’s a really nice liquid lip but maybe one for those of you who prefer a creamier lipstick but want to jump on the liquid bandwagon. It’s a bit of a hybrid but can’t compete with the super mattes that don’t budge for hours.



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