Guest Post: DIY Rope Necklace

Todays post comes from guest blogger Janine from whatreneemade. I am so impressed with this little DIY that I just might have to have a go myself and if any of you do be sure to tweet Janine and let he know, it’s so simple but so cool.. looks like something Topshop would sell for their regular crazy prices, no? Anyway I’ll let you read the post..

DIY rope title image
I’m a firm believer that a statement piece of jewellery is a simple and easy way to update and a little something extra to an outfit. I came up with the idea for this DIY while browsing eBay for sequins (for another project I’m working on). I saw the rope and the diamante chain and knew I could use it for a cool necklace.

This is an unbelievably simple project, it took me around an hour to do. The most complicated part was threading the needle (my eye sight isn’t amazing!), yes it really is that simple. However you are going to need some tools to get you going, all of which can be easily found on Ebay.

Jewellery making pliers & cutter
Coloured cord
Needle & matching thread
End caps
Lobster clasps
Jump rings

Now you know what you’re going to need onto how you can actually make this necklace yourself.

DIY rope necklace Collage 1Cut the rope to your desired length
Apply a small amount of glue to the end caps
Slide the rope into the end caps, hold in place for a minute then leave to dry
Measure the diamante (I measured mine so it was the same length as the rope)
DIY rope necklace Collage 2
Then using the jewellery cutter cut the diamante. Using the needle and threat sew the diamante onto the rope – as best you can sewing in a straight line. I did this free and but you could lightly mark the rope with pencil as a guide.

Using the needle and thread again sew the end of coloured cord to the rope to secure it in place. Then wrap the cord around the rope weaving around each diamante stud. When you get to the end of the rope, cut the cord with scissors and repeat the process of sewing the cord to the rope.

Take the jump rings and using your jewellery pliers open the jump rings and attached to the end caps. Close one jump ring. Then attach the lobster clasp to the other jump ring, and close the jump ring.That’s it your all done!

Personally I think this would look really good with a crisp white shirt or a striped oxford shirt paired with jeans. As I said it is a pretty simple DIY to recreate yourself, so go ahead and get DIY-ing.  




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