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Hello beauties, firstly I’ve got to say a huge thank you to missbudgetbeauty herself for letting me guest post on her blog, I’ve only been blogging a few short weeks after admiring beauty bloggers for years and the response I’ve had has been overwhelming! Soppy stuff over, as the days are getting colder and rainier I thought I’d do a post of my autumn essentials- cutting it down to ten was difficult, but anymore and we could have been here hours!

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1. Moisture!!! As it gets colder and windier my skin gets dry-er, especially during those weeks when the weather changes a lot. To combat this I up my moisturiser around September to something more heavy duty- I’m loving Benefits ‘Total Moisture Facial Cream’ as something thicker, more hydrating, but not greasy leading to an icky slidy-makeup face!

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2. Foundation : Even though I was never brown or even olivey in the first place, I manage to get even paler in autumn so I take my foundation down a notch and I love this Maxfactor Colour Adapt as it really does change  to match your own skin, which is perfect as my face gets paler. It also has slightly less yellowy tones than my usual foundations which is perfect for when I start to tone down the fake tan!

3. Eyes: For the eyes I love Urban Decay’s Original Pallette. The golds and brown just scream autumn to me, maybe they remind me of leaves or maybe it’s the shimmer, I don’t know but I can just imagine walking through the leaves in my fluffiest scarf and a warm smokey eye using this amazingly pigmented colours!

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4. Bronzer: Along with the fake (and real)tan my bronzer steps down a notch to a less obvious golden shimmer – this Body Shop one is an old matte-ish favourite which as you can see is old and much loved, but almost identical to the new honey-bronze edition.

5. Lip Care: As well as keeping my skin super moisturised I have to up my lip care in autumn, just like my skin they get more flaky and temperamental so I make sure to slap on as much balm as possible if I’m not wearing lipstick. One that I find particularly good at reviving a chapped pout is the Burt Bees ones (this one’s mango as I love the smell).

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6. Once my lips are super smooth I love a bold lip in autumn and berry is the perfect shade. While there’s loads and loads I love to wear, this Accessorize lipstick in Infatuated is the one I’d pick if I had to choose just one (touch wood). Its really pigmented and quite matte which makes it really long lasting.

7.Okay, okay so I cheated a little here, but I picked one lipstick and one eyeshadow pallette, so I self indulged on the nail front. After a long and hard think about which of my 5 gazillion nail polishes were my favourite for the autumn transitional days I picked just three. Again I love an autumn berry and this new Gel Effects from Nails Inc in Kensington High Street is perfect and really does look like a gel manicure. A nice nude like this Lychee shade from Barry M is an easy go-with-any-outfit shade and of course now summer’s on the way out black is back, so simple and so chic, and this  Sinful Colours one is a great bargain.

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8. This one’s a little more practical, but my first winter cold has already hit somehow and I’ve vowed not to sniffle and sneeze all the way until March, so I’ve picked up some antibacterial hand gel. I hate the wierd pure smell of normal ones, but this one smells exactly the same as the classic Soap and Glory scent and sticks, I can smell it for such a long time after applying. Something boring made a little more special!
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9. There’s not much better than coming in from the wind and rain and enjoying a long hot bubble bath and I love to indulge in a little bath treat every now and again. I’ve used up my big bottle of Sanctuary Spa Luxury Bath Float so onto this mini it is until those christmas sets come out in Boots again and I stock up for next year!Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 11.43.15
10. Ahh perfume. In winter I switch up my light and fruity scents for more strong and sultry whiffs. My love of Gaga is no secret, but even if this wasn’t designed by her or had such an amazing bottle the unique scent would have won me over. I love love love it and will be wearing it most of the time this autumn.

That’s it, my ten favourite autumn essentials that I’ll be using daily for the next couple of months. I’d love to hear your favourite products, any opinions on these beautiful things, or if you’ve liked this post visit my blog over at and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading beauties,

Lots of love,

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