Half Price 8 Hour Cream! *Boots Star Gift*

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 08.40.01This weeks star gift from Boots is this Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Gift Set. It comes with a 30ml hand treatment, a 30ml original 8hr cream and a lip protectant stick (which I’ve had and loved) as well as some cotton gloves and socks so help aid the whole winter treat process.

This cream – which isn’t really even a cream, it’s a balm! – is something I like to always have in cause it soothes all manner of ailments. From shaving rash to nappy rash it’s heavily used in my household and now the cold weather is setting in it’s an essential. You don’t technically need the lip balm as it’s just a compressed version of the stuff in the tube but it’s a nice to have and since we’re visiting New york during the coldest time possible,in January I may just have to treat myself to this.

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