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I hadn’t even considered wedding music for our registry office ceremony until a comment was left for me on YouTube asking what songs we had chosen. Now it’s the night before the wedding and we still haven’t decided. We have to choose one track to be played while signing the register, nothing more. The current favourite is this..

The reason being that we are Friends fanatics. We easily watch a disc a night, it’s what we have on as we go to sleep.. I am so used to it at this point I took a few to hospital when I was having Milo.. it’s like “home”.. do you know what I mean? Anyway my favourite wedding of the series has to be Phoebes and for years I wondered what song was played on steel drums as she walked down the aisle.. I finally googled it and discovered it was this very Beatles track. It’s significant to us because of our ‘obsession’, it’s a romantic song and generally we just like it and I’m not usually a Beatles fan – blasphemy, I know. For your own viewing pleasure here’s a clip of said wedding… go on.. tell me it’s not the most romantic, fairytale wedding! You just can’t!

Miss BB


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