Highstreet High Shine

This is my final individual  review before I share my Next inspired day to night tutorial with you all. The first thing to mention would have to be the smell of these glosses. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it’s sweet and foodie.. somewhere between vanilla and toffee but I’m just not sure.  It’s definitely not unpleasant and I actually prefer scented lip products but for those of you a little sensitive to that kind of thing directly below your nose you may want to pass on these. I think they retail for £3 but they’re definitely not more than £4 (sorry I took off the price labels for the photos and totally blanked) which puts it in line with the drugstore market along with the other products I’ve shown you from their new range.

Neither shade had a name or number as far as I could tell but as you can see one is a pink and one a nude. Neither had a tremendous amount of colour so if you’re expecting high impact you’ll be disappointed but the pink does pack a heck of a punch in the shimmer department and they are both super glossy and wear comfortably on the lips. By that I mean they wear off like a balm rather than a sticky gloss. They’re nice to have but not essential and nothing makes them better than anything else I have but I so often feel that way about a lip gloss. Unless you’re getting a real pop of colour then does it really matter where it’s from so long as it’s not gloopy and annoying in formula? I liked these but they’re nothing to write home about but they’re a basic price for a basic product at the end of the day. I think the entire Next beauty range is targeted at the women out there that are who are overfaced by the beauty hall and don’t want to be accosted by sales people. But of course here’s definitely something appealing about being able to pick up a new clutch bag and a lip gloss to pop in it at the same time.

Miss BB


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