Ok so pretty soon I’m going to be embarking on several decorating projects and buying lots of new things for the house… I of course want to blog my progress BUT should I have a separate blog for that or should I blog? I feel like I really have enough blogs (ha) but it really doesn’t fit with the “theme” here and I could probably do more indepth storage and decor posts in a separate forum.. what do you think?
My worry with having these posts everywhere is that nobody ever gets to see them.
I don’t care if you don’t sub to all of my many blogs as long as when you hit me up at you take a look around to see if you’ve missed anything interesting elsewhere.
I like that it’s segregated and you can hopefully find what you’re looking for a little easier this way but is this how you prefer it or would you prefer one big blog with everything on it?

I have the same dilemma with youtube.. I have my separate channels but they don’t reach as large an audience, I don’t know whether that tells me it’s working and only the interested people are seeing that bonus stuff or you’re just not getting the option.. hmm! Puzzler!
I am absolutely obsessed with “lifestyle” blogs recently and greatly wish I’d set mine up with a little more knowledge as I’d have done the same but I’m stuck now so …. to seperate or not to seperate?
I’m sure I’ll end up starting a FIFTH blog as soon as I publish this but I’m interested none the less what you think.
Would it help if I updated links/pictures in the side bar to my blog kind of advertising recent blog posts elsewhere? It sounds either time consuming or beyond my technical capabilities but I feel like that would work… ahhh I’m rambling again, just let me know!


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