How Do You Wear A Hat?


Genuine question! I have no idea! I’ve bought a huge number of hats in my 30 years and the last style that I really identified with was the ‘Blossom’ style turned up hat of the 90s. If only they’d make a come back I’d be in my ELEMENT but unfortunately I’m stuck with ‘cool’ hats I have no idea how to wear but am DETERMINED to make work!


My recent hair extensions are part of the reason, I want to protect the bonds from the New York heat when we visit later this week but seriously.. any tips? Are there videos dedicated to this subject? Why haven’t I looked that up??

In other news I have been LIVING in this outfit.. these shorts are the most comfortable item of clothing I own, they’re high waisted and a size too big.. the first I’ve felt confident wearing anywhere other than on holiday. So much love do I have for these shorts that I’ve ordered another pair (in white) which I’m sure I’ll also be sharing shortly. The shirt was a total bargain from Primark and is insanely soft, if you can still find it in store I would highly recommend you pick it up.. along with several others that I left behind and have been unable to track down since.. you only regret the things you didn’t buy!!


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