How I Clean My Brushes

I’ve made no secret of the fact I’m no dilligent brush cleaner but I have been asked so many times to film a video on the subject so.. I did. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube showing you how to clean your brushes, this is just how I do it. I learned how to spot clean and deep cleanse my kit when I worked at Urban Decay, this may not be the way everyone does it but it works for me and I’ve never had an issue with shedding or ruining a brush yet so I guess it’s okay.

  • My top tips would be to use a gentle shampoo or brush cleanser (baby shampoo is fine).
  • You can use olive oil on stubborn products such as gel liner if the soap isn’t quite doing it.
  • Don’t get water past the metal ferule as the glue holding the brush together may dissolve which will cause shedding.
  • Similarly don’t dry your brush with a heat source such as a hair dryer as this can melt the glue having the same effect as the above.
  • Lastly lay your brushes flat to dry so that the water doesn’t get where it shouldn’t.

Spot cleaning often with enable you to go longer without deep cleaning but they do need doing occasionally and keeping your brushes in good condition will extend their life so it’s worth investing the time – total hypocrite talking but if you can’t do.. teach!

Miss BB


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