How Important is YOUR Smile?

When I was younger my Mum put such a huge emphasis on teeth. The Britsh have famously horrid gnashers compared to our stateside counterparts so she took me to a swanky Dentist and told them “I want my daughter to have an ALL AMERICAN SMILE”. Only as an adult did I truly appreciate this, It’s the first thing I notice about someone, it affects your overall appearance more than we realise, just look at the before and after’s of celebrity veneers.. the difference is incredible! Of course an artificial smile is not for everyone but there are things you can do to maintain the one you have.

Those of you that followed Vlogtober (my daily vlogs last month) will know I have my share of tooth trouble. Between infections, absesses and the inevitable fillings (I’m a sugar junkie) I loathe trips to the dentist and will put them off at all costs. On my last visit, however he suggested I upgrade my manual toothbrush to the new Colgate Pro Clinical. Having seen the TV ad’s I’ll admit I’d been tempted, it does look quite the piece of kit but now it has dentist approval it is officially on my Christmas list.

He also told me to drop my current ‘whitening’ toothpaste formula in favour of Colgate Total . At this point I was starting to think he may be on commission but I took the sample and it’s nice enough. He informed me that brushing day and night with a good quality electric toothbrush will do more for whitening than these ‘fad’ pastes.. and who am I to argue with a professional? I did have an electric toothbrush a few years ago actually, Lee and I both remarked at the difference but when it died we returned to manual brushing swearing we’d buy another but as with most things we never got around to it. Yes it’s a large initial outlay and you have to buy new toothbrush heads etc etc but if it can keep the drill at bay and my pearlies white it’s totally worth it.

Only since I’ve started filming for YouTube have I really noticed my own teeth and between colour and my crooked bottom row they can really make me self consious, how do you feel about your teeth?

Miss BB

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  1. Bianca
    6 November, 2012 / 7:33 pm

    I know the importance of a fantastic smile but as the daughter and a dentist and housemate of a dental hygenist I think it is important to stress that an electric toothbrush WILL NOT make that much difference to the whiteness of your teeth.

    I have always been educated that it is HOW LONG you brush your teeth for that makes the all important difference and it is not necessary to shell out a fortune when a good quality manual brush will do the same.

    The key is to brush for AT LEAST two minutes. This sounds like a lot but once you break it into the four sections of your mouth it is only thirty seconds on each section. (Doesn’t sound like a lot does it?)

    Then within each quarter of your mouth you should brush the outer (the part of the tooth facing out of your mouth), inner (the part facing into your mouth), and the grinding parts of your molars AT LEAST ten seconds. When it is broken down like this it really is not a long time to be brushing one area and if you brush for much shorter than 2 minutes think about how long each section might be getting; it might only be a couple of seconds!

    And also, FLOSS.

    Do so after meals, this has an enormous impact on the whiteness of your teeth and yellowing is simply plague and its residue which thrives off the food stuck between your teeth. Get rid of what they eat and you will be getting rid of a lot more plaque.

  2. 6 November, 2012 / 7:56 pm

    I use an electric toothbrush and I do think that my teeth are cleaner (I don’t get told off as much by my dentist!).

    I think I just don’t put in a lot of effort with a manual toothbrush. Mine also buzzes to let me know when I’ve been brushing for two minutes.

    Plus my toothbrush was half price when I bought it – some of them are horrendously expensive!

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