How To DePott Your MAC

Heres what you need..

Your shadow, a hair grip and a candle..

Find the groove in the front of the casing and pop the shadow out in its plastic holder (you could use a knife, a grip or even your thumbnail)

Heat the bottom of the plastic pan till it warps/bubbles a little

It should be soft enough to poke the grip through

This pops the metal shadow pan out of the top

You can lift it out easily from there,, click the plastic pan back into the casing and once you have 6 you can trade them in for a free lipstick 🙂

I got the tip from missprincesspancake (thanks) to depot 15 shadows it took me about 40 mins (first time) so thats not bad going!
I have ordered 2 pro palettes so will blog when I put them all in 🙂

here’s a video how-to!


Miss BB


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  1. 30 November, 2010 / 5:47 pm

    You can also use a hair straightener instead of a candle, if you put foil on the straightener 🙂

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