How To Remove Glitter Polish

This is one of those things I’d always heard about but took ages to try and when I did I couldn’t believe the results. I’m sure for a lot of you this will be like teaching you to suck eggs.. you’ve seen it all before, right? Well I would have thought so too as  you’re all so beauty minded but when I mentioned it in a recent video I had an overwhelming response to film a tutorial so of course, I did.
If this helps only one poor glitter lover it will have all been worth it!
What you’ll need…
Acetone Nail Polish Remover
*acetone free works just not as quickly in my experience*
Tin Foil
Cotton Wool Pads
  • Cut your cotton wool pads into quarters and your tin foil into strips.. you’ll need 10 of each.
  • Saturate a cotton quarter and place it on your nail.
  • Wrap your fingertip with foil – don’t use too little foil and make sure it’s properly covered.
  • Cover all 10 fingers and leave for 5 minutes.
  • To remove wiggle the foil and the cotton pad on your nail and pull the whole thing off, you should be left with a clean, glitter free nail.
The polish that I was wearing was Razzle Dazzle by Deborah Lippmann, I absolutely love this stuff but it’s the worst to remove in my collection because the tiny glitter particles act like sand paper to my cotton pad. Nightmare! It was this polish that first drove me to trying this method and I still can’t believe how effective it is. I know it’s still time consuming but you feel a lot more productive wrapping your finger with foil than you do scrubbing away an entire pack of cotton pads for an hour. I reserve this removal for the more terminally difficult polishes.
It’s easy peasy and I’d have thought you could follow this easy step by step but here’s a very short video tutorial for you if you’d like to see it in practice…
Here’s to many more glitter moments for us all!
Miss BB


  1. 30 April, 2012 / 8:48 pm

    I've always heard about this technique but never tried it. I'm always put off wearing glitters because of the removal so perhaps I'll give it a go 🙂 x

  2. 30 April, 2012 / 9:00 pm

    I was the same I heard this time and time again but thought no it cant work and then I tried it and the results were amazing. No more avoiding glitter polishes for fear of spening hours trying to remove it or at worse actually just waiting for it to wear off. The only thing I have heard is that it can be bad for your nails but I can only imagine this would be the case if you were doing it every day and I for one am not that addicted to glitter :-).

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  3. 30 April, 2012 / 10:17 pm

    Ah finally an easier way to remove glitter nailpolish, i used to spend ages and god knows how many cotton pads trying to acheive a glitter free nail. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tip xx

  4. 30 April, 2012 / 10:49 pm

    extremely helpful!!! i wore glitter on my nails around the holidays and it was a pain to get off!!! great blog post!

  5. 1 May, 2012 / 8:19 am

    thank you so much! i just got some chunky glitter & was debating on wearing it 🙂

  6. 1 May, 2012 / 12:29 pm

    now i dont have to pick it off, yayy! thankyou 🙂 x

  7. 1 May, 2012 / 4:39 pm

    if you dipped your finger in the remover for a few minutes, you could then scrape it off? that's happened on gel nails for me before and it was good :)! i've done this too though and they are both effective xx

  8. 1 May, 2012 / 4:50 pm

    I used this method on a Deborah Lippmann nail varnish once and it took about 50% of it off. Now I just leave my nail in nail varnish remover for about 5 minutes and it scrapes off pretty easily. I used to spend up to two hours trying to remove it the old fashioned wash. Not good! I hate the way the glitter catches on a cotton pad and you end up with cotton pad stuck on your nails and are still no closer to removing it 🙁

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