How To Travel Without Leaving Your Hotel

Earlier this year I was invited on a fabulous trip with Discover Greece to visit multiple islands on a Celestyal Cruise. Having never been on a cruise or done anything I could describe as ‘travelling’ I was excited.

Most of us fall in to patterns holiday-wise and whether that be visiting the same villa in spain each summer or (in our case) flipping between the east and west coast of America, you crave the familiar. I’ve never been a culture-seeker, I like a chain restaurant and to see things I recognise from TV (hey, I am what I am) so I did worry that aside from the fact that I was travelling alone (with a group of strangers) I may just miss the basic comforts I’d come to rely on.

I couldn’t have predicted the draw of the bluest sea I’ve ever seen, the friendly people, the amazing seafood and the convenience of going back to the same room each night and waking up every day with a new port to explore. I’m not a beach person but I tell you, on the last day in Samos (my favourite island) I would have given every penny I had for an extra day in that water.

I completely understand why people love it there, it’s not like any other European trip I’ve taken. The buildings are beautiful (in Samos they were colourful with red roofs!) the sea sparkles and you can’t believe you’re not on a tropical island somewhere. Every evening we returned to the ship, the food was good, the drinks were good, we sat in an outdoor bar and watched the waves behind us.. it’s so cold in the north of England today that I’m wrapped up in a duvet on the sofa and just can’t imagine sitting outside on a boat!!

This comes to mind now because Lee and I are forgoing Christmas presents this year and planning next years holiday instead. We’re between about 5 ideas right now and at least 4 and a half of them are American but when the kids are older (or when we can go alone) I would love for us to get back on a cruise and see more of the Mediterranean.

I also flew with Aegean and since my only experience travelling to europe by plane has been with Ryanair – Aegean was a serious upgrade! It’s an airline I’d actively seek out when I do decide to go back.

All in all, if you (like me) and dreaming of next years Summer holidays already, I can’t recommend Celestyal enough. An affordable way to travel for those of us who are used to a little more comfort and a little less backpacking.


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