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Another video post?.. two in one evening? yes I know and I’m sorry. YouTube is all outa whack with it’s subscriptions again this week so I’m going to be posting my videos here in case you actually want to see them but they don’t pop up in your feed. I am so very irritated by my lighting at the moment, I bought a huge soft box thinking it would solve my winter darkness problem and enable me to film at night when I get home from work but my camera does NOT like it. It has an auto white balance setting so I can’t do anything about the blue tint to all of my videos when using it other than edit it in iMovie which as you can see in this video is not perfect – you should have seen the original! It’s bugging the hell out of me that I’ll probably go back to filming with what natural light I have and saving the soft box for ’emergencies’ but hey ho you live you learn and I’m not about to buy another new camera any time soon *sigh*. On a brighter note I was really excited to film this, yes the lighting did put a dampener on it for me but none the less Autumn is my favourite season and although it’s almost over I can forgive it as it makes way for Christmas!

Miss BB


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