i can’t vlog with my breakout :(

I feel like such a slacker not having updated my blog in well over a week. I’m suffering a major breakout right now so vlogging is OUT OF THE QUESTION! even though i have so many videos i need to film… so blogging shall be my outlet until my skin is clear again.
I finally got a start date for my job YAY! this is good for me and my bank balance but not so hot for my subscribers… i won’t have much daytime filming time :s
I’m gonna try and get some filmed in advance to kind of back me up in case I can’t film for like a week but I’m gonna miss vlogging and updating my youtube all the time 🙁
So excited to start work though… I’m definitely gonna do a video on my transformation from everyday slacker to working girl 😉
on the ttc front it’s been driving my fiance mad!! he feels like I should be pregnant already…. it’s only been 3 weeks…so we’re both trying to forget about it best we can…it’s tough though.

It’s been decided we will get married in london as soon as our divorces are both final… i have my dress i’ve chosen my shoes and i’m going to do some hair looks on video soon for you guys to help me choose … i think i know what i want though… i’m going for a kind of flowy 60s vibe and for the hair an updo with side swept bangs/fringe … but that’s for a whole other blog entirely… it could happen as early as late august/early september and i can’t wait… the dress I have will allow for a bump in case I have one (fingers crossed)
hoping to redesign ny blog in the next few days and by tomorrow have some new videos up…
see you later


miss bb



  1. 30 June, 2010 / 7:39 pm

    good luck with the ttc hun. i got pregnant with my daughter when i wasnt trying and then when me any hubby were ttc it took 7 months to have my little boy! it was really hard going emotionally. fingers crossed it happens soon for you 🙂 xx

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