I Do Shoe… My Something Blue…



I only discovered this little idea this week by which time it was crazy expensive to secure express delivery so I decided to cobble something together myself. I still needed a something blue and loved the idea of incorporating it into such a cute addition to my already quirky shoes. I bought a sheet of adhesive diamante letters and really… it’s as simple as that! It took no more than 5 minutes to create something so cool that’s impact far surpasses the effort required. I’m super pleased with them and can’t wait to show them off TOMORROW!!! eek!



I had no idea how popular this was until today when I googled “I do shoe stickers” for an additional photo for this post. I think it’s another American trend that’s found it’s way across the pond but I had to share some of my favourites I found online…


found here
found here


found here


 Miss BB

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